Instruments / Marimbas

Beautiful design,
beautiful sound.

We listen, we learn, we change.

Malletech’s 40 years of design experience is based on science and simplicity. We don’t follow fashion – we follow our ears and the immutable laws of acoustics. Our unique bar geometry, ALWAYS paired with round, acoustically-perfect resonators, optimizes resonance, intonation, and projection.

We also offer a variety of marimba models that allow you to select an instrument to fit your musical personality. Not just colors and finishes, but bar width, resonator design, and height adjustment systems – a feat unique to Malletech.

Our uncompromising approach to sound and aesthetics produces timeless, classic instruments that are worthy of the most prestigious stage and powerful enough to fill the largest hall.


Marimba Models

MJB Marimba
Michael J. Burritt, Professor of Percussion at the world renowned Eastman School of Music, came to Malletech in 2010 to… Learn More
Imperial Grand
A powerhouse of a marimba that can be heard over a symphony orchestra, but in unaccompanied repertoire it is responsive to… Learn More
Another powerhouse marimba from Malletech, our Roadster is really an Imperial Grand with lighter-weight aluminum tubes instead of brass. Big,… Learn More
We have recently upgraded our Stiletto keyboard geometry and increased the bass resonator diameters without increasing the size of the… Learn More
MTech 5.0 Marimba
The flagship instrument of the new MTech series. About MTech by Malletech: Malletech presents its brand-new line of keyboard percussion… Learn More
MTech 4.3 Marimba
The Low-A marimba in the Mtech series. Check out this product demo video by Leigh Howard Stevens: [embed][/embed] About Mtech… Learn More