Factory Services

Malletech instruments are sold through our international network of dealers. For those willing to pay a premium, we are pleased to quote on special finishes, custom height frames or exotic woods. We have temperature and humidity controlled tuning rooms with highly experienced, full-time tuners ready to retune any brand of marimba, xylophone, glock or vibes. For college music departments, we recommend retuning all your keyboard percussion instruments at the same time.

The purchase of a Malletech marimba or xylophone includes a free bar exchange for three months and a free tuning anytime in the first 24 months of ownership. The frame is warrantied against defects of materials or workmanship for one year. Mono-maniacal-techno-geeks (we consider that a compliment, since that is what we are here at Malletech!), who want to know sizes, weights or other specifications – visit us at: malletech.com or contact us by Phone, Fax or Email. Specifications are subject to change without notice.