Vintage Sound, Modern Design

Historic designs updated for today.

Malletech offers several models of rosewood xylophones that are updated versions of the famous and much sought after Leedy and Deagan designs of the 1920s and 1930s. What is new about the Malletech clones of these vintage instruments is our high level of tuning accuracy of the fundamentals and harmonics and the much-improved frame design. The resonators are solid brass — just like the old, vintage instruments, but unlike the originals, every tube is equipped with a patented resonator tuner. Malletech xylophones also incorporate our silent rubber bar rail uni- bracket mounting system, stainless steel lock nut and bolt assembly and solid oak and brass endboards with brass centerpoles and braces. Height adjustable, standard fixed height or custom height.


Xylophone Models

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Mtech 3.5 Xylophone
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