Bob Becker Soloist

Ragtime/Music of G.H. Green/Early Jazz

“After more than 75 years, a truly professional xylophone is again available. This time the quint tuning is perfect and the brass resonators are all individually tunable! The massive rosewood bars and beautiful art-deco frame complete the only contemporary xylopohne worthy of the great soloist tradition.” – Bob Becker, PAS Hall of Fame

Our Vintage “Soloist” Xylophone was developed with the input of the world’s greatest xylophonist, Bob Becker. It is modeled after the classic Deagan model known as the “Artists’ Special.” The bar geometry has been duplicated, including the unique rounded ends of the bars. It has the widest bars and biggest resonators of any xylophone ever made, giving Bob the power to blast through NEXUS or any other ensemble. While it is designed for the big sound required by a soloist, it is also perfect for a large symphony orchestra or wind group. This instrument is always “quint” tuned.

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