There are currently no open positions at this time but Malletech is always looking for talented and motivated employees for our instrument manufacturing, the mallet department and our business affairs. If you are interested in a career in the music industry, please send us a cover letter and resume to

Malletech Inc. is a small, 15-employee, world-renowned acoustic musical instrument manufacturer in Neptune New Jersey. Our keyboard percussion instruments and accessories are purchased and used by the top music conservatories, schools, symphony orchestras and professional players around the world.  We manufacture marimbas, xylophones, vibes and glockenspiels as well as more than 200 types of musical instrument mallets and other accessories.  These products contain both furniture quality wooden parts, precision metal components made in CNC machinery, and involve hand assembly and precision tuning of the musical components.  We are the industry leader in design, technology and patents.  Malletech also imports lower-cost keyboard percussion instruments for the school band and orchestra and student market. To learn more about Malletech, please visit our about page.