We have recently upgraded our Stiletto keyboard geometry and increased the bass resonator diameters without increasing the size of the low octave reaches.  More powerful, cleaner bass, less non-harmonic overtones and shorter reaches to the far side of the sharps for stick clicks on pieces such as “Rhythmic Caprice.” Our Stiletto2 has the same width bass bars and resonator diameters as the biggest 5.0 marimba made by the biggest musical instrument company in the world, but with a “normal” 22-inch C1 to C2 reach!  It’s an engineering and acoustical miracle that you have to hear, see and play on to fully appreciate.

Same solid frame, height adjustment, 6-section drop-in resonator system and tunable tubes like an Imperial or Roadster, but smaller, lighter and less expensive.

It’s a pretty “sharp, cutting-edge” package… get it?

The Stiletto Marimba comes with a honey-finished oak frame with black aluminum hardware and black aluminum resonators. The standard Stiletto Marimba has tunable resonators in the first 1.5 octaves; standard resonators for the rest of the instrument. Full-range tunable resonators are also available; contact your preferred retailer for pricing and availability.

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