MJB Black

Our best selling marimba is now offered in a sleek, all black finish. The MJB Black 5.0-octave marimba contains all the features of its original counterpart:

  • Our standard-width Honduran rosewood bars, coupled with our massive, 4” slow-bent tunable resonators, provides the low-end power players crave without sacrificing wide reaches.
  • Belt-driven height adjustment, nuts-and-bolts resonator assembly, and our rubber “unibrackets” create a near-silent frame, which means all that you’ll hear is the beautiful music you create.
  • Our six-part resonators and easy-to-assemble frames make set-up by one person a breeze.

The MJB Black comes with an ebony-finished oak frame with black aluminum hardware and matte black aluminum resonators. The standard MJB Black has tunable resonators in the first two octaves; standard resonators for the rest of the instrument. Full-range tunable resonators are also available; contact your preferred retailer for pricing and availability.

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