Michael Burritt Ensemble Series

Deep, Clear, Versatile – The Michael Burritt Ensemble Series is an incredibly versatile series designed to excel in musical settings ranging from solo, to chamber, and ensembles of all sizes. The mallets deliver a warm, woody tone that is robust and round while still providing the strong articulation required to cut through the ensemble.  
While there is strong continuity of color throughout the entire line, the harder mallets deliver clarity and transparency with a bit of ‘bite.’ They are complimented by softer mallets that offer rich, dark, and round lows while still being remarkably focused and clear.
Additionally, the weighting of the mallets have a nice ‘throw’ that allows you to play though the bar with ease, resulting in a bigger sound with less effort.  

Mark Boseman Go2 Series

The Malletech MBO12 Mark Boseman Go2 Marimba mallet is ideal for an array of literature where a wide range of dynamics, timbres, and articulations is required without the need to change mallets.  The medium-weight oval head combined with a proprietary multi-tonal ‘wrap recipe’ allows the mallets to sing, giving players ultimate expressive control.  The design encourages performers to utilize a greater sense of touch to activate a limitless combination of tonal colors.  The mallets are medium in weight and produce a lush, warm sound that is darker at lower dynamic levels transitioning to a brighter color at higher dynamic levels.

Escape Ten Series

The new Malletech Escape Ten Series is a collection of keyboard mallets purpose-built for ensemble playing. Designed and optimized over several years in chamber settings from duos to large ensembles, each model is “tuned” to speak its special voice through the musical texture. Adjacent models, though close in Malletech hardness rating (10,12,14,16), have distinct contact and timbral characters so that 10s and 12s can be distinguished even when playing in the same range.

Marta Klimasara Series

The Marta Klimasara series is unique because of a bronze weight that is embedded inside the round, plastic core. The mallets in this series are heavy and suitable for traditional grip players and Stevens technique players who have well-developed hands. They are wound with a very fine wool/synthetic blend, producing an unusually warm, but nuanced range of sounds.

Kevin Bobo Series

The Kevin Bobo mallets are grouped closely together, spanning hardness levels 8 to 14. They are wound with an extremely durable, thin nylon yarn, very tight, with an unusually high number of winds. They produce a deep, consistent tone through a wide dynamic range with clear articulation even at very low dynamic levels.

Leigh Howard Stevens Series

The models in the Stevens line are the smoothest rolling mallets for solo marimba playing available anywhere in the world. Each model has four to six distinct layers of construction which work with the player to generate maximum bar sound, minimize contact noise and offer superb, low-dynamic control, all without sacrificing any high volume potential. They are medium weight, perfectly balanced and therefore easy to maneuver through today’s challenging solo literature. A set of 1s, 5s and 10s are all you need for the Bach Cello Suites. Select birch handles.

Michael Burritt Series

Michael is head of the percussion program at the Eastman School of Music and is interntionally respected as a marimba virtuoso, composer and teacher. The Michael Burritt Series is built around 1-1/8-inch diameter natural rubber cores. All of the models also have one or more additional layers of latex rubber for a more complex, multi-toned response pattern. All models are wrapped with a custom synthetic yarn that has been designed to have great durability and just a touch of contact “chiff” for the cutting power Michael requires. All models feature select birch shafts.

Eric Sammut Series

Eric is a star of both the jazz and classical marimba world. He is noted for his unique and expressive compositional and improvisational style. His mallets feature a distinctive orange yarn and unusually medium – heavy heads for a very full, round sound, even at low dynamic levels.

Blake Tyson Series

The Blake Tyson mallets offer great expressive potential. They respond to subtle changes of touch, and their depth of sound and sensitive response help to create an amazing variety of timbres and articulation. Durable wool-blend yarn.

Andy Harnsberger Go2 Series

Everybody’s got their favorite mallet — the one they reach for when warming up or reading through new literature. The difference is that we asked these artists to design their Go2 mallet — from the core out. Take a look at Andy Harnsberger’s (Associate Professor of Percussion, Lee University) Go2 mallet.

Scott Herring Go2 Series

Everybody’s got their favorite mallet — the one they reach for when warming up or reading through new literature. The difference is that we asked these artists to design their Go2 mallet — from the core out. Take a look at Scott Herring’s (Professor of Percussion, University of South Carolina) Go2 mallet.