Artist Series

Kevin Bobo Series

The Kevin Bobo mallets are grouped closely together, spanning hardness levels 8 to 14. They are wound with an extremely durable, thin nylon yarn, very tight, with an unusually high number of winds. They produce a deep, consistent tone through a wide dynamic range with clear articulation even at very low dynamic levels.

Kevin Bobo Series

Model KB8

A medium-soft model with a full, round sound that is perfect for works that require a rich, mellow tone or in the bass portion of a graduated set of KBs.

Model KB11

A medium mallet that works perfectly for pieces that require a full sound and works over the entire range of the five-octave marimba.

Model KB14

Just a little bit of bite makes this mallet great for virtuosic pieces where powerful dynamics and clear articulations are needed or as mallet #4 in a graduated set.