Artist Series

Escape Ten Series

The new Malletech Escape Ten Series is a collection of keyboard mallets purpose-built for ensemble playing. Designed and optimized over several years in chamber settings from duos to large ensembles, each model is “tuned” to speak its special voice through the musical texture. Adjacent models, though close in Malletech hardness rating (10,12,14,16), have distinct contact and timbral characters so that 10s and 12s can be distinguished even when playing in the same range.

Escape Ten Series

EX5R "PHAT Bass"

Weighty and versatile with a full-fundamental tone, clear articulation, and effortless projection into the upper mid-range of the instrument.


Medium-heavy with a balanced articulation and a strong presence of tonal depth. Warm, full, and fundamental heavy.

Marimba/Mixed Media

Extremely versatile medium cord mallet provides significant articulation without being harsh yet clearly heard in a musical texture with adjacent mallets.


Medium-heavy hard yarn mallet provides a focused, warm sound with articulation best suited for the mid and upper range. Clearly heard in a musical texture with adjacent mallets.

Marimba/Vibes/Multi/Mixed Media

Hard cord mallet that delivers the clarity and brilliance needed to allow the top of the instrument to shine without unwanted harshness.