Artist Series

Marta Klimasara Series

The Marta Klimasara series is unique because of a bronze weight that is embedded inside the round, plastic core. The mallets in this series are heavy and suitable for traditional grip players and Stevens technique players who have well-developed hands. They are wound with a very fine wool/synthetic blend, producing an unusually warm, but nuanced range of sounds.

Marta Klimasara Series

Model MK6

Suggested rep: Abe Memories; Miki Marimba Spiritual 1; Bach Suites – Sarabandes

Model MK11

Suggested rep: Klatzow – Dances 1; Burritt Fermo; Miki Time

Model MK16

Suggested rep: Druckman Relentless/Crystalline; Schwantner Velocities; Thomas Merlin

Model MK21

Suggested rep: Miki – Marimba Spiritual II