Patented, motor-less real-time manual control of vibrato and volume through the pedal

Real-time vibrato control

If you loved the LoveVibe, you’re going to love the LoveVibe2 twice as much. All the musically expressive vibrato, dynamic and dampening features of the LoveVibe, but:

  •  50 lbs. lighter
  •  Now with a real-world price for real-world musicians
  •  Original LoveVibe strings have been eliminated and a single coated steel cable operates the manual vibrato/volume control
  •  100% simpler, more robust mechanism
  •  Based on the patented Omega vibrato wing system
  •  Same gig-friendly, light-weight aluminum frame as the Omega
  •  Height-adjustable folding legs

Open or closed resonators — or anything in between, all in real time, controlled by you through the pedal. Make love to a note or chord. Patented real-time vibrato and volume control, patented pedal and patented progressive dampening system.

All LoveVibes come standard with fixed resonators. Fully tunable resonators are available for an additional fee. Please consult with your retailer when ordering.

Customer Comments

“Wow — this changes EVERYTHING.”

“This does for the vibes what the pedal did for timpani.”

“The dampening possibilities are amazing!”

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