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Heigo Rosin

Percussion Artist

Heigo Rosin (1989) is the first solo percussionist to emerge out of Estonia. Despite his young age he has appeared frequently as a soloist with numerous orchestras and solo recitals in all over the Europe and the USA.

In 2015 Heigo was accepted into the Sponsorship Program of the Orpheum Foundation for the Advancement of Young Soloists. In the same year Heigo was also selected as principal percussionist with full scholarship to the World Percussion Group tour in the USA. In January 2017 he made his debut in New York in Carnegie Hall. Since 2016, Heigo is endorsed by Malletech Instruments and Sabian Cymbals. Since 2017 Heigo is head of Percussion department in Heino Eller Tartu Music High School.

Heigo Rosin started his musical studies in the age of 4 on piano. For now he owns two Bachelor and two Masters degrees in percussion (from Estonia and Belgium) and postgraduate soloist diploma from Denmark.

During his years of studies Heigo has participated in numerous master classes of teachers and educators from all over the world. In addition to that he has had personal percussion sessions with the world famous solo percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie. Heigo has been awarded through various competitions included the 2nd Prize at the Rising Stars Grand Prix 2017 in Berlin, 1st Prize at the Contemporary Music Competition De Linkprijs in the Netherlands (2013), 1st Prize at the Yamaha Scholarship Competition for Percussion (2013), 2nd Prize at the Estonian TV competition “Classical Stars” (2013).

Over ten years of karate practice has inspired Heigo to combine the  movements of karate with his percussion playing. This unique aspect of his playing has given Heigo two nicknames: “Percussion Athlete” and “The Karate Kid of Percussion” and makes his performances extraordinary not only to hear but to see.

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