Since its introduction in 2014, The Malletech OmegaVibe has become the instrument of choice for the world’s top vibraphonists.  During those 10 years, we made more than 30 incremental improvements to the bars, tubes and frame.  From 2019 until now, we’ve worked intensely with TeamOmega (Stefon Harris, Joe Locke, Tony Miceli, David Friedman, and Mike Mainieri) on the next evolution of the OmegaVibe which offers a new standard of reliability, simplicity, portability and ease of pedaling. The OmegaAir is ready for your stage, studio, or the back seat of your car.

Lighter, smaller – makes gigging a breeze!

  • The OmegaAir is 5 inches shorter and 15 pounds lighter than its predecessors.

  • The OmegaAir features our patent-pending, dual-spring, vertical dampening system – the first ever.  The vertical motion of the damper bar (instead of pivoting on an arc like all previous vibraphones), contacts the sharps and naturals at the same moment.  You can precisely adjust the “pedal up” wetness or dryness to your personal preference through the dual spring towers. Simple, evenly-balanced dampening right out of the box – top to bottom, sharps to naturals.

  • Our patented damper pedal is fully adjustable for leverage, height, angle and damper bar release speed.  Comes with three positioning holes on the crossbar to fit your playing style. Customize the settings for a completely personalized relationship between you and your vibraphone.

  • Our proprietary “Formula 6” bar geometry and alloy, coupled with Malletech’s exclusive harmonic tuning process, produce the sweetest chords and strongest projection possible.  Our new “M-kote” eco-friendly finishing process comes standard on our black or silver bars.  Six additional anodized colors are available with the Custom and Custom Pro packages.

  • Our hovering, elliptically-driven vibrato wings float over the resonators, producing velvety-smooth pulsations.  Removing all the hardware from inside the tubes improves the tuning of both the fundamental and overtones of the resonators.  When vibrato is not in use, the wings can be completely retracted, leaving the tops of the tubes completely open to capture every decibel and nuance that you produce.  Our near-silent, universal voltage motor (with world-wide compatibility) makes this the perfect instrument for recording.

  • Our frames and resonators are still assembled with stainless steel lock nuts and bolts (no rivets, no fake resonators, no oval or square tubes – ever).  Just like our marimbas, the resonators sit on a suspension bridge system, eliminating all contact between the resonators rails and frame.  All these features assure a buzz-free / rattle-free lifetime of music making.

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