Quiver – Double Slot

Make sure you’re equipped and prepared to take the field with Malletech’s Quivers. The double slot quiver can hold two pairs of sticks,  brushes, or mallets and easily attaches to a marching snare drum or multi-tenor drums with two velcro straps.

17″ length

Quiver – Single Slot

Make sure you’re equipped and prepared to take the field with Malletech’s Quivers. The single slot quiver can hold one pair of sticks,  brushes, or mallets and easily attaches to a marching snare drum with two velcro straps.

17″ length

Tour Bags

The LHS Tour Bag™ was the first large-capacity mallet bag with tiered pockets for marimbists and percussionists. First sold in 1979, it remains the standard by which others are compared. It’s the only bag made of soft, 100% cotton corduroy (not nylon “Cordura” or polyester) and it will give you a lifetime of use. It folds and zips into a shoulder bag, leaving the two larger outer score pockets accessible. The 16-inch-deep pockets in two tiers can each hold a full set of marimba or vibe mallets, two pairs of drumsticks or a pair of timpani mallets.

  • Two large exterior pockets for books, music, documents or other small percussion accessories
  • Four small pockets for triangle beaters, pencils & mobile phone
  • Shown holding 16 pairs – Can hold up to 16 sets of 4
  • Five hanger hooks allow bag to be hung from the bar posts of a keyboard percussion instrument
  • Use folded or fully opened on a stick tray
  • Includes adjustable, padded shoulder strap and two short carrying handles for carrying case
  • Self-repairing heavy-duty zipper

Instrument Cases

Malletech offers soft-sided Car Cases™ for many of our instruments. Rugged design, thick padding, heavy-duty straps, buckles and self-repairing zippers protect your musical investment and speed set-up and packing. Whether you’re on a gig around town or on tour across a continent, Car Cases are essential equipment.

A. High endboard
B. Low endboard
C. High resonators
D. Low sharp resonators
E. Low natural resonators
F. Middle natural resonators
G. Middle sharp resonators
H. Bar rail & centerpole bag (2 per set)
I. Keyboard bag (2 per set)
J. Dust cover (sold separately)

Above is a representative 11-bag set for a 5-octave marimba.

V3PS Pickup System

Get ready to be heard

It all started because Joe Locke was stopped by TSA and not allowed to board a flight with his last pickup system. Plus, he was tired of traveling with four long rails and a separate $700 preamp. We got electronics whiz kid Mike Pope to design all the electronics, and he worked with Joe on the natural-sounding tone-shaping circuits. LHS worked on the mechanics of how long pickup rails could quickly fold up into a mallet bag or carry-on case.

Pickup Rails – Crafted from aircraft-grade, 1-inch square aluminum tubing. The spacing and mounting works on any 3-octave graduated bar vibraphone. They fold up and fit in a mallet bag or carry-on case.

V3PS Preamp – Delivers performance on par with studio mic preamps. It controls all the signals you need to input or output for any kind of gig.

Front Panel

Three band EQ:
(1) Treble / “Shimmer”
(2) Mid / “Bite”
(3) Bass / “Warmth”
(4) Volume for on-stage amp or monitor –
(doesn’t change signal to house sound system.)
(5) Pre/Post EQ switch for signal into house system.
(6) DI Volume you send to house sound system.
(doesn’t change signal to monitor system.)

Rear Panel
(7) Main Power Switch
(8) Main Power Input using provided
5VDC universal power supply.
(9) DI Output Standard balanced output
(supports very long runs of cable.)
(10) Ground Lift Switch
(11) Main output Drives your
on-stage amp or monitor.
(12) Effects Return/Send
(13) Rail Inputs

Each system includes all cables, 37 custom pickups, (plus 8 spares) and complete instructions so every player can install the system themselves (installation by malletech also available). For a full description of all features, email sales@malletech.com for the 4-page technical brochure.

The Malletech V3PS is the greatest advance in vibraphone technology since… well, since Malletech’s last great advance in vibraphone technology.