Tour Bags

The LHS Tour Bag™ was the first large-capacity mallet bag with tiered pockets for marimbists and percussionists. First sold in 1979, it remains the standard by which others are compared. It’s the only bag made of soft, 100% cotton corduroy (not nylon “Cordura” or polyester) and it will give you a lifetime of use. It folds and zips into a shoulder bag, leaving the two larger outer score pockets accessible. The 16-inch-deep pockets in two tiers can each hold a full set of marimba or vibe mallets, two pairs of drumsticks or a pair of timpani mallets.

  • Two large exterior pockets for books, music, documents or other small percussion accessories
  • Four small pockets for triangle beaters, pencils & mobile phone
  • Shown holding 16 pairs – Can hold up to 16 sets of 4
  • Five hanger hooks allow bag to be hung from the bar posts of a keyboard percussion instrument
  • Use folded or fully opened on a stick tray
  • Includes adjustable, padded shoulder strap and two short carrying handles for carrying case
  • Self-repairing heavy-duty zipper