Mallets / Series

Grand Soloist Series

The Grand Soloist Series has been producing big, fat marimba tones since 1990 under a different model name. They all have a rubber core plus an additional layer of latex — in other words, all rubber, all the way through. They are wound medium-tight with an extremely durable proprietary synthetic yarn that produces clear articulation even at pianissimo. They are wound at a steep angle, producing a nearly round shape. Now available in four hardnesses, as well as in graduated sets.

Grand Soloist Series

Model GS3 – Soft

A bassy sounding all-rubber core mallet with a lot of articulation.

Model GS7 – Medium Soft – Single-Toned

A medium-soft, but articulate, round-headed mallet that produces a full tone in all ranges.

Model GS13 – Medium Hard – Single-Toned

A medium-hard, round-headed mallet that has clarity and a full-spectrum response in all ranges, without ever sounding harsh.

Model GS16 – Hard

A slightly brighter version of the classic GS13.


A soft-leaning graduated set of 4: GS3, GS7, GS7, GS13.


A harder-leaning set of 4: GS7, GS13, GS13, GS16.