Infinity Glockenspiel

The Malletech 2.6-octave “Infinity” Glockenspiel comes in a solid oak case with satin-grained bars.

The Steel

The vintage glockenspiels of the early 20th century were made from the hardest steel available. Malletech continues that tradition. Our design of the G2.6 “Infinity” Glock began by duplicating both the old steel formula and the dimensions of the best old glockenspiel bars.

The Suspension

Many orchestra bells made today still have the bars attached to the frame with screws, dampening vibrations. Our patented three-point support system allows each glockenspiel bar to ring freely, almost as if it were suspended on air. Just three tiny rubber points touch the underside of the bar, leaving the rest of the bar free of holes through the bars, screws, felt, fishing line, or other ring-deadening paraphernalia.

Environmentally Friendly

Malletech’s brand new eco-friendly finishing process sets a new standard for orchestra bell durability and tone, while eliminating all the polluting chemicals traditionally used in steel plating.

The Case

The bar rails in both cases are completely suspended over the resonance chamber and do not touch the floor of the case. All the contact points are insulated with neoprene rubber and 100% wool felt.

The Challenge

We invite you to compare the crystalline tonal brilliance and singing tone of our Infinity Glocks next to any other brand of orchestra bells — any vintage, any manufacturer, any price.