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Xianghao Chen

Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra

Xianghao Chen currently is the Professor of Percussion at the School of Music, Shanghai University and the School of Music, East Normal University, where he teaches marimba, percussion, timpani and percussion ensemble.

Since 2000, Xianghao Chen has been the principal percussionist of Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra. Before joining the SPO, he played percussion with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, and, as timpanist, played with the Shanghai Ballet Orchestra, Shanghai Opera House Orchestra, and Macco Symphony Orchestra.

Apart from the performances in symphony music, Xianghao Chen has been active in chamber music in his home city. He made his marimba solo concert debut in 1993, the first of its kind in mainland China history. He has also played percussion solo concerts in Shanghai Spring Music Festival, Shanghai Arts Festival, Shanghai Weekend Radio Show, and in Shen Zhen First Percussion Festival.

Xianghao Chen was the percussion teacher in the middle school affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music for 16 years (from 1979-1995), where he taught many wonderful students; many of them later became percussionists, timpanists, and conductors all over the mainland China orchestras.

Xianghao Chen has a Master’s degree from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, where he studied percussion under the guidance of George Gaber, Stanley Leonard, Andrea Reamer, Xu Baolun, and Dong Deliang

His published books for percussion include:

  • Modern Studies for Snare Drum
  • 156 Elementary Studies for Snare Drum
  • 101 Intermediate Studies for Snare Drum
  • 52 Advanced Studies for Snare Drum
  • Classical Collections for Marimba Solos ( 1,2 )