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Frédéric Gauthier

La Musique de l'Air

Frédéric Gauthier is a percussion artist based out of France. Since 2002, Frédéric performs with La Musique de l’Air (the senior band of the French Air Force) and was appointed in 2005 as Timpanist/Percussionist in their wind orchestra. Frédéric is also timpanist with Orchestre de l’Opera de Massy. He regularly performs with the Orchestre de Paris, Orchestre Colonne, Orchestre de l’Opera de Rouen, and the Orchestre de Picardie.

Frédéric began his music studies at the music school of Saint-Vallier and Montceau-les-Mines in France. In 1992, he continued at Dijon Conservatory, studying with Stanislas Bujo and Pierre-François Resta. He was awarded a diploma in percussion, sight reading, and chamber music. After, he studied at the Conservatoire de Paris (CNR-CSP) with Frédéric Macarez. There he met Eric Sammut, and was introduced to the marimba.

Fréderic Gauthier served on the Keyboard Committee of the Percusive Arts Society and was vice president of the France PAS Day of Percussion festival. He is currently Artist Director of his own percussion festival in Rosny-sous-Bois, where his percussion ensemble arrangement of “Tubular Bells II” by Mike Oldfield premiered.

In addition to being an Artist Endorser for Malletech, Frédéric serves as a Business Development Manager. In this role, Frédéric works with retailers and stores, as well as performers and teachers, in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands to increase Malletech’s visibility and reach throughout these countries.