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Percussion Duo

Sharing the instruments: that is the concept of percussion duo «As One». Crossing musical paths under the eye of composer and conductor Dirk Brossé in 2016, the duo was founded in 2017 by Jessica Peel (1982) and Birgit Eecloo (1991). Ever since, the two musicians were dedicated to perform repertoire strictly within the idea of sharing percussion instruments, exploring repertoire from ‘quatre mains’ on the marimba to sharing complex set-ups for multi-percussion, to form the unique duo they are today. The collaboration between the two vibrant percussionists has resulted in a fascinating and visually outstanding performance. The musicians have shared their unique concept with audiences throughout the country, including performances at diverse events as Parklife (Gent), OdeGand (Gent), Fireplace (Kortrijk), WonderWeekend (Meise) and the ‘Estivales’ in Pairi Daiza. Jessica and Birgit both received their Master’s degree from the Conservatory of Ghent. Their principal percussion teachers were Wim Konink, Frank Nuyts and Gert D’hase. The two percussionists joined numerous masterclasses all over the world and are both alumni of the Leigh Howard Stevens Summer Marimba seminar (New Jersey, US) – cfr. Stevens technique of four mallet playing on the marimba.