Artist Series

Stefon Harris Albright Series

The first three models were tweaked into their current form by Stefon Harris to make a series of soft, medium hard, and hard, that could also be used in a graduated set. Albright mallets also feature substantially larger heads than other models that Malletech offers.

“I just recorded with Diana Krall. These new Albrights are amazing live and in the studio. I couldn’t have predicted the dramatic effect that a mallet has on one’s ability to make music. Recently, I’ve had some of my most inspired performances and that’s clearly related to these mallets!”

Recording Artist, app designer,
and head of jazz studies at Manhattan School of Music, NYC

Stefon Harris Albright Series

Model SHA-S

Blueberry colored mallet heads

Model SHA-M

Cherry colored mallet heads

Model SHA-H

Lemon colored mallet heads