Mallets / Series

Soloist Series

The four models of the Soloist Series were designed with a simple natural rubber core and yarn wrapping to achieve an “old-fashioned” sound, but without that old-fashioned yarn slap. Similar to the yarn on the Stevens line, there is no “chiff,” slap or contact noise. This results in great dynamic shading ability. Unlike most other marimba mallets, all the models except the SO2s are weighted similarly, so that there is virtually no difference in feel when switching from model to model. All Soloist models are “old-fashioned” single-toned.

Soloist Series

Model SO2 – Soft – White Label

A heavy, bass-choral mallet that produces the deepest tone possible from the bass bars of the marimba.

Model SO9 – Medium – Green Label

A heavy, medium mallet that produces a wide tone throughout the entire marimba range.

Model SO14 – Medium Hard – Red Label

A medium hard mallet, general use, good for both rolling and struck-note passage work.

Model SO24 – Hard – Black Label

A heavy, hard mallet that can produce very high volume without the usual harshness associated with such playing.